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1956 Vintage Signet Ring

This vintage signet ring features a hand engraved Pegasus with the roman numerals MCMLVI (1956) engraved underneath. Two letter “W” are engraved on each side of the ring. The ring is also stamped by Balflour, a popular jewelry company founded in 1913 that manufactures class and championship rings. This ring wears comfortably and takes up a good amount of space on the finger. It’s the perfect regal ring for those who love a simple yet unique signet ring. We love to wear this on its own as a statement ring, or stacked with other rings for a “more is more” look.

  • 10 karat yellow gold

  • Size 6.5-6.75

  • 0.51" length x 0.42" width

  • Pegasus hand engraving

  • “MCMLVI” Roman numerals that mean 1956.

  • Hand engraved on the inside "A.R.P."

  • "Balflour" hallmark stamp

  • Circa 1956

  • Condition = Very good. Metal has slight signs of oxidation, which shows the age of the ring. Common with a ring of its age.

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