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Italian Antique Crest Signet Ring


Unique, noticeable and handsome, signet rings are a fantastic accessory. If you are a history buff, you will appreciate the significance of the tradition behind a signet ring, as a rich symbol of heritage, lineage and identification. Signet rings were often used as a signature, often used as a seal for letters or other correspondence. With the tradition dating back to as early as 1400 B.C., the signet represents authenticity and one’s family crest. It is known as ‘The Mark of a Gentleman’, but we have found that all genders have a desire to rock a signet ring. This ring is made up of solid 18K yellow gold, and weighs a heavy 9.99 grams. The engraving shows a knight with a shield and a banner with the family name Teri of Italian origin. 

  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Crest is a soldier's head and a shield with an animal type figure on it, and "Teri" on a banner at the bottom.
  • 9.99 grams
  • 17.7mm length x 13mm width of signet on top of the finger
  • Size 9
  • No hallmarks. "☆ 1272 AL" stamped inside shank. The ring stamps "Teri", most likely representing the ancient arms of Teri crest which originates from Italy

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