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Antique Ruby and Diamond Swallow Pendant

Caught forever in mid-flight, a handcrafted swallow traced in sparkling diamonds and rubies dangles elegantly from a 14-karat gold chain. The wings are edged with a line of rose cut diamonds, the tail with lines of calibre cut rubies. A sweet dangling pearl drops from the swallow’s beak. The bird is a heavy solid 18k yellow, with beautifully detailed carvings. Wear this swallow bird as a pin or strung on the chain it comes with. This is a rare and stunning antique find! During the Victorian era, where people were often separated for long periods of time, swallows symbolized wanting your loved one to return home safely, faithfully, or just simply to come home soon.

  • 16 inch, 14K yellow gold chain

  • Bird pendant wingspan: 3 inches

  • Rose Cut Diamonds,

  • Calibre Cut Rubies

  • Pearl

  • Necklace/Brooch reversible

  • Condition: Good

  • Circa 1890, French

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