Ashley Zhang Jewelry


The square jade necklace features a mix of baguette and round diamonds framing an inlay of jadeite set in 18k yellow gold. Jade has been used in jewelry and Chinese sculptures since the Neolithic period, the mineral is valued for its color, durability, and beauty. The romanticism of travel and rich cultures has long been an influence over art and design. During the 1920’s and 30’s, when Art Deco jewelry was at its height of popularity, there was an influx of interest in Asian cultures and among the high society of Europe and the Americas. This lead to the design fusion of jade and diamonds to create something unique and modern for the time. Since then jade is often only seen in traditional Chinese jewelry. Looking back to the past, this collection is inspired by that fusion of taking a material that since then is often overlooked and underused but holds symbolic meaning and mixing it with an Art Deco and modern design aesthetic. Each piece is hand-crafted with 18 karat yellow gold, jadeite, and high quality diamonds. The jadeite was sourced from an old family run gem business that had closed. These pieces were originally cut from rough in the 1950’s, and were the only pieces remaining from them. Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind. 

  • 0.88 Total carat weight diamonds

  • Jadeite

  • 24 Inch length box chain

  • 18K Yellow gold

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