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Edwardian Emerald and Diamond Bow Necklace

From La Belle Époque, flowing diamond-studded ribbon is neatly tied into a glittering bow in this exceptionally sweet and lovely Edwardian jewel, circa 1910’s, supporting a deep bright green colored slender pear-shaped emerald swinging below. This fine quality emerald comes with an EGL report. Weighing 1.35 carats the natural emerald is a beautiful stone. We love the sweet and petite size of the bow.

In 1903 the invention of the oxyacetylene torch, that could reach the temperatures necessary to work with platinum, allowed jewelry to be made solely from platinum. The strength of platinum was fully exploited and it became possible to create jewels that resembled “petit point” embroidery and fine, delicate, sophisticated jewels resembling diamond encrusted lace. This is when box jewelry became a popular motif.

  • Platinum

  • 1.35 carat Emerald, AGL report included

  • 0.25 approximate carat weight diamonds

  • Platinum chain 16.5 inch length

  • Very good condition

  • circa 1910

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