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Gemstone Snake Necklace


Snakes have a long and rich history in jewelry dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome, where snakes were used to symbolize wisdom. The Victorians often used snakes to symbolize everlasting love, with a coiled snake in particular representing eternity. Queen Victoria herself had a snake ring from her beloved Albert.

The Snake Necklace is part of our mini Snake Collection inspired by Victorian era pieces of the past. This necklace features a vibrant colored stone placed on crown of the snake head, in a simple and sleek bezel setting. Petite modern round brilliant diamonds lie in place of the snake's eyes for more sparkle and shine. The body of the snake is textured and feels cool to the touch, and flows beautifully into the smooth omega necklace that delicately wraps around the neck. This necklace is the perfect everyday piece for those looking for a bold statement piece with a subtle pop of color. We love to stack this with our other pieces from the collection, and other personal favorites. You can also personalize this beauty with hand engravings on the inside. Each necklace is custom hand-made to order in 4-5 weeks. Requested modifications are subject to revised production timelines and pricing.

  • 14 karat yellow gold
  • Omega chain, approximately 16" length
  • Pear Cut Colored Stone
  • Petite Modern Round Brilliant Diamonds, VS, G-H
  • Engraving category A. Click here to order hand engraving!
  • Please contact us for custom chain length and/or custom colored stone

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