Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Intaglio Locket

There are two types of gemstone carving that exist like a married couple: cameos and intaglios. A cameo typically reflects a small scene or figure carved in relief, so it protrudes out towards the wearer. In contrast, an intaglio is carved into a gemstone to create a hollow recessed image. They can be worn with the concave carving facing the wearer or turned over, to reveal an engraved image floating below a smooth surface. This intaglio is of a warrior carved in Sard Chalcedony on one side, and the initial letter A in Agate on the other side. The setting is 14k rose -y yellow gold and platinum. You can open the locket up to fit 2 photos or any small memento of your liking. This piece is great to wear casually on its own, or to layer with your chain and charm collection!

  • 14 karat rose-y yellow gold and platinum
  • Sard Chalcedony Intaglio of 2 warriors
  • Agate Chalcedony Intaglio of the letter A
  • 1.39" length (including bail) x 0.65" width
  • Can hold 2 rectangle shaped photos, 0.71" length x 0.49" width
  • Circa 1900
  • Condition = Very good. Metal has slight signs of oxidation, which shows the age of the locket. Common with a piece of its age.

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