Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Jade Bubble Bracelet


The jade bubble bracelet features a vibrant green jade set in a chunky yellow gold bezel with a solid gold chain, reminiscent of the retro era we love. Jade has been used in jewelry and Chinese sculptures since the Neolithic period, the mineral is valued for its color, durability, and beauty. The romanticism of travel and rich cultures has long been an influence over art and design. We love a good statement piece, and this bracelet is perfect for those who want a bold and powerful look. Each bracelet is custom hand-made to order in 3-4 weeks. Requested modifications are subject to revised production timelines and pricing.

  • 14 karat yellow
  • 8.5mm x 10.5mm Jade, type C
  • 7 inch length, contact us for custom length options. 

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