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Moonstone Bracelet

The Romans, from about 100 A.D, used moonstone in jewelry, they believed that the stone was formed from the light of the moon. Moonstone is considered a sacred stone in India, where it was believed that moonstones placed in the mouth during a full moon would allow you to correctly envision the future. Moonstone was a favored gem by Art Nouveau designers including Louis Comfort Tiffany. We always love a moonstone with a blue flash. The rarest and most expensive moonstones will be colorless with a floating blue color or schiller that seems to hover above the stone. This phenomenon is termed adularescence and is due to a combination of orthoclase and albite feldspars, arranged in layers. Light reflected from these layers produces interference effects and causes the adularescence. This Art Deco moonstone bracelet will capture your eye and draw in your gaze with its luminescent clear blue hue. The moonstones and rose cut diamond accents are all set in platinum, giving the bracelet more shine and sparkle. This piece is a rare find and a beautiful statement piece for any day or night out.

  • Platinum, bracelet links 14k white gold

  • Rose Cut Diamonds, approximately 0.05 total carat weight, SI-I, G-I

  • Moonstone, approximately 6.0 total carat weight

  • 1.85” diameter, fits a 6 inch wrist comfortably

  • Circa 1900 for the moonstone center piece, chain is a newer replacement.

  • Condition: Very Good

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