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Opal and Demantoid Garnet Star

This Late Victorian Era pendant is a standout piece and one of the most beautiful opal pieces in our collection! Bright and colorful opals are surrounded and intertwined by petite demantoid garnets. This unique stone was discovered at the end of the reign of Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia, and the beginning of the reign of Tsar Alexander II – after whom the mineral alexandrite was named – this new garnet variety was discovered in the Ural Mountains, circa 1853. The opals display excellent play-of-color, with green, blue, violet, orange, red, and yellows. The pendant can actually convert into two separate pieces. The top part of the pendant can detach and become a sweet little charm, easy for everyday wear. And the bottom piece can convert into a brooch/pin. The piece is super versatile and will be your favorite for years to come.

  • 18 karat yellow and rose gold

  • Opals, approximately 2.30 total carat weight

  • Demantoid Garnet, approximately 0.40 total carat weight

  • 1.68" length (top and bottom) x 1.20" width

  • [Top dangle can detach from bottom brooch]

  • Brooch only = 1.24" length x 1.20" width

  • Top part = 0.52" length x 0.35" width

  • Circa 1890. Late Victorian.

  • Condition = Excellent.

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