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Pearl and Guilloché Green Enamel Pendant

A gorgeous antique jewel in amazing condition, this Victorian era piece is an incredible find. Crafted in 14 karat yellow gold, this piece can function as a locket from the back, and can also be worn as a pin or a pendant. The locket measures 0.5 inches tall and 0.45 inches wide, in a heart shape, and can hold a photo or small memento of your choice. The pendant is covered in bright green Guilloché Enamel. Guilloché is a type of decorative metal work done by creating detailed and precise patterns.  In jewelry and decorative arts, it’s usually finished with enamel on top making the "engine turning" patterns pop.  This pendant is a gorgeous example of it. It features fourteen round pearls surrounding the heart shaped pendant with two larger pearls centered in the front. Petite rose cut diamonds surround the center pearls. An ultra-fine work of wearable art, this piece is a stunning statement piece that can be worn alone or with other favorites. It’s timeless and a special heirloom for generations to come.

  • 14 karat yellow gold

  • Guilloché Enamel

  • Pearls

  • Rose Cut Diamonds

  • 1” length x 0.95” width

  • Locket in back

  • Pin/pendant interchangeable

  • Circa 1900

  • Condition: Excellent

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