Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Pearl Crescent Moon Charm

Crescent motifs were quintessentially feminine symbols in the Victorian era, symbolizing transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings. So, this piece would be a wonderful treat for a loved one embarking on a new chapter. With its pearls, this pendant would also make for an excellent June birthstone gift! The crescent is made of 14K yellow gold and platinum, and features 24 pearls in graduated sizes. The luster of the pearls softens the look of the crescent, giving it a more feminine touch, This pendant will look great worn along on your favorite chain, or layered with other necklaces and charms.

  • Platinum tipped

  • 14K yellow gold back

  • 1 inch diameter

  • 24 graduated pearls

  • circa 1910

  • Originally a stickpin or brooch and was converted into a necklace at some point in the recent past.

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