Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Pearl Heart Locket

A beautiful Victorian locket from circa 1890, this love token will have your heart. The locket features a single 2.5mm pearl in the center of a starburst design. It’s surrounded by beautiful delicate hand engraving that covers the entire front of the locket. It measures approximately 0.80 inches in height and 0.60 inches in width. The whole piece is done in 14 karat rose gold, and the wonderful patina on the gold shows its age and warm glow. The smaller scale of this locket makes it an extra sweet piece. It’s perfect to wear all day long and keep a photo of someone you love close to your heart.

  • 14 karat rose gold

  • 2.5mm pearl

  • 0.8" length x 0.6" width x 0.3" depth

  • 3.3 grams

  • Circa 1890

  • Condition = Excellent.

  • Locket opens from the bottom.

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