Rock Crystal Quartz Heart Pendant

This Rock Crystal pendant originates from France during the Victorian era and centers a beautiful and clear heart shaped rock crystal quartz. The rock crystal set in a bezel setting in 18 karat yellow gold, and the back is open and clear allowing the light to naturally flow through the pendant. The top of the pendant screws open and you can sandwich a keepsake or photo between the rock crystal heart pieces. The simple and clean design gives this piece a soft touch to balance out the substantial size of the entire pendant. This piece is elegant, unique, and an original Victorian jewel in both design and composition. We love to stack this piece with other necklaces and love to wear it as a statement piece alone as well. A special and hard to find piece, you’ll treasure it forever.

  • 18 karat yellow gold

  • Rock Crystal Quartz

  • 1.1” length x 0.9” width

  • Circa 1900. French.

  • Condition: the Crystal has some chipping on the inside, and the tip of the heart.

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