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Star Sapphire Cabochon with Diamond Halo Ring

This Star Sapphire Cabochon with Diamond Halo Ring is a unique and mesmerizing piece. Beautifully converted from an antique cufflink into a ring. The center sapphire is a light blue translucent pointed cabochon, which makes it a great statement piece. The surrounding rose cut diamond halo gives the ring a softer and classic look. A rare variety of sapphire, star sapphires feature an unusual star-like optical phenomenon called asterism, caused by tiny needle like inclusions. They were once considered powerful talismans for protecting travelers. We never tire of unique sapphires, and this fantastic cocktail ring is no exception.

  • 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold

  • Star sapphire, estimated 12 carats

  • Rose cut diamond halo

  • Ring size 6.75, complimentary ring resize available upon request. Please note rings that have been resized are not eligible for return or exchange as we believe in preserving each piece's integrity. You may send a ring back to us for resizing at a later date if you would like to keep the option of making a return available to you. Please see our FAQs section for more information.

  • circa 1915

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