Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Moonstone & Sapphire Earrings

These moonstone earrings glow with lustrous lunar magic in this distinctively delightful pair of earrings. Hand fabricated in gleaming 14K yellow gold, each earring features two petite blue sapphires. Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase feldspar, which is a sodium aluminum silicate. Moonstones can occur colorless, blue-white, white and pale shades of apricot and peach. The rarest and most expensive moonstones will be colorless with a floating blue color or schiller that seems to hover above the stone as seen in this pair of earrings.

  • 14K yellow gold

  • Moonstone cabochons

  • Blue sapphires

  • Excellent vintage condition

  • Images and videos provided upon request, contact us at

  • circa 1940

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